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Tiny Tones CDs


 The music featured in the Tiny Tones music program is locally produced and recorded  by James Powell and Melia Olson of 'Melia & Big Tiny.  Every Melia & Big Tiny  album features a variety of music including different genres, cultures, and languages. The music is a mix of traditional children's music and originals by both Melia and James. Melia & Big Tiny currently have 5 childrens CDs available; The Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink Albums as well as a Christmas Album. CDs can be purchased on iTunes.

'The Adventures of Tiny the Mouse What to Wear' Book


 Tiny Tones' first published storybook, written and illustrated by Melia Olson and Duane Stephens, follows Tiny on his adventures around Terrace BC. Tiny Tones' also has a 'What to Wear' Colouring Book available so children can colour Tiny the Mouse in all of his different outfits. Both books can be purchased at Misty River Books, Kermodei Tourism or by contacting Melia Olson: melia@tinytones.ca 

Tiny Tones t-shirts


 Tiny Tones now has t-shirts available in infant, toddler, children and adult sizes. Contact Melia Olson: melia@tinytones.ca for more information and to order.