Tiny Tones

Tiny Tones Band


 Melia Olson and James Powell make up the Tiny Tones Band. Melia and James met as members of the Soul Professors, a ten piece R&B band in Terrace BC. After the Soul Professors disbanded, Melia decided to start the Tiny Tones music program and recruited James to help create and record the music. The band has now grown far beyond the music program alone playing gigs both locally and in neighbouring communities.  

The Music

 The Tiny Tones band is unlike any other children's group as their music is made up of a variety of genres, including: folk, blues, funk, reggae, bluegrass, country, and rock. Recording all of these different genres can be achieved through the talent of James Powell, who can play almost every instrument around, and by the recruitment of Melia and James' very talented friends; Jean Lechasseur, Wayne Sheridan, Jamie Norton, Daniel Talstra, Amber Zanon, Jay Hughes, Dylan Gordon and many more. 

 Tiny Tones currently has 5 CDs available, The Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Christmas Albums. CDs can be purchased locally at Misty River Bookstore, or online at tinytones.bandcamp.com and itunes. 

Tiny Tones LIVE

 Tiny Tones live performances are fun for the whole family and include sing-alongs, dances, hilarious story telling and appearances from 'Big Tiny!'